Project management programs

Project management programs

There are many project management programs available for members of project teams to use and they come in all shapes and sizes. Project management programs or software are available as standard apps which can be deployed across your organization or company or there is now a new breed of project management programs which offer web based project management and are accessed online.

These newer web based programs mean that you can access project documentation anywhere in the world where we have an internet connection. These online programs are rising in popularity and many large organizations are now using them. Companies such as CISCO, the UN and Boeing are already signed up to online project management programs and are using them to aid with project management.

When choosing project management programs you are able to choose from commercially available programs or open source programs. The difference between the two types of software is that you normally have to pay to use commercial software but open source software is generally free to use. If you decide to go for open source software then it is important to read the terms and conditions of use very carefully, as sometimes open source software is only free for non-commercial use and this means that if your company is a profit based company then you will generally have to pay a fee to use it.

Project management programs usually come in a suite of programs although there are individual programs available which perform one project management task. A project management suite normally contains programs which are used for planning, estimating, resourcing, budget management, resource management and allocation, document storing and incorporate communication to allocate tasks and circulate project management documents to the team.visit for more detailed information.

For a long time the more traditional programs deployed around your organization were the main tools used for project management. Microsoft, as always, provides their very own brand of software for project management; their program is imaginatively called Microsoft Project. The program comes in three flavors, Project Standard, Project Professional and Project Server and you can find out more details on the specific products by visiting Microsoft’s website.

Another very popular project management commercial program and one that I personally used while working for Electronic Data Systems (EDS) was PMW, Project Managers Workbench. Now, through a series of takeovers the program is owned by Computer Associates and has been rebranded to Open Work benchand even better news, it is now open source software.

The Open Workbench software is comparable to Microsoft Project, the main difference between the two is that Microsoft Project uses duration based planning (number of work units to be created) and Open Workbench uses effort based scheduling.

Project management programs

Most programs, including Microsoft Project, Open Workbench and Base camp offer free trials where you can use the full product for a limited period. So, if you are not sure which product is right for you it is worth evaluating the project management programs available by downloading or using them online.

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